Transition and Skills Squads Time Trial March 24th

The session will run from 3.45pm-6.15pm on Saturday 24th March at the Vale Pool. Last day for confirmation of availability is 12pm Wednesday 21st March to allow coaches time to plan the session.

Aims of session

Our Aim is to try and give swimmers experience in events they do not yet have times for or to update times not done for while. As a rough guide we will be looking to achieve the following:

-Transition 50’s x3 events (not fly)

-Skills 1 50/100’s x2 events (swimmer dependent on events)

-Skills 2 50/100’s x2 events (swimmer dependent on events)

-Skills 3 100/200’s x2 events (time dependent and swimmer dependent on events)


It will come as no surprise that these sessions only work with the support of volunteer Timekeepers.  For this session we welcome the support of both qualified Timekeepers and also parents with no previous experience in timekeeping. Its a great opportunity for newer swim parents to get involved and get a taste of what timekeeping is all about.