Squad Information Outline

The following squad information has been produced to give swimmers and parents a basic understanding of what is expected of them in each squad within the club. This information will help everyone currently within the club to be clear on what is expected of them. It should also help new members be clear on what is expected of them in the future as they progress through the squads, just so that there will be no surprises!

The squads have been designed to ensure that they are progressive (from the number of sessions available, the length of sessions, the total coaching contact time and the inclusion of land training in squad plans) and therefore an understanding from swimmers and parents of future expectations of them is essential, as well as ensuring that swimmers will progress at the rate expected of them and at the rate the squads have been designed for.

Squad Information Outline – please click here

Areas for consideration for squad moves

Coaches will be continually assessing the following of each swimmer:
– Attendance (at training and competitions)
– Attitude
– Behaviour
– Work ethic
– Desire to improve themselves at all times
– Willingness to work at both their strengths and weaknesses
– Implementation of coaches’ instructions
– Mental engagement within sessions

In relation to moves, coaches will also look at the following when considering whether a swimmer is ready for squad

– Their long-term swimming and athletic development
– The ability level and social interactions in the squad above
– The maturity level of the swimmer
– Whether they can handle the increased workload on land and in the pool

Please note that all squad moves will continue to be decided by the coaches utilising their knowledge, experience and overall discretion on what they feel is best for each individual swimmer at that point in their development.

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