Squad Training Fees

Monthly training fees are paid 12 months of the year.

We ask that they are paid by monthly Standing Order preferably on the first of every month and no later than 15th of each month. It is possible to pay the full annual amount if that is more convenient – please speak to our Treasurer but this option will not be allowed if payment is later than 15th day after beginning of membership year.

Training Fees are over and above the Membership Fee (see separate section) and not only pay for each squads monthly training but also the running costs of the Club.

The Training Fees payable and correct as at 1st October are:

Foundation £225.60 per year/12 months £18.80 +£50
Skills 1 £350.40 per year/12 months £29.50 +£50
Skills 2 £462.00 per year/12 months £38.90 +£50
Junior Sprint £537.60 per year/12 months £44.80 +£50
Senior Sprint £537.60 per year/12 months £44.80 +£50
C Squad £523.20 per year/12 months £43.60 +£50
B Squad £574.80 per year/12 months £47.90 +£50
A Squad £724.80 per year/12 months £60.40 +£50


Where training fees are outstanding a swimmer will not be able to swim until payments are brought up to date.

Please contact Gerry Murray (Treasurer) at wdasctreasurer@gmail.com for further details.