Scottish Amateur Swimming Association (SASA) Affiliation Fee

Every member must pay the Annual Affiliation Fee to SASA. In 2015 this was set at £43 by SASA until 2019. SASA is renewed every year on 1st March. Payment to SASA is made by the Club each year for insurance and the competition infrastructure in Scotland. Failure to affiliate to SASA means that you are unable to compete in competitions and that you are not insured against personal injury during training.

Swimmers joining the Club during the membership year will benefit from discounted SASA premium as per the table below and the Membership Fee, payable on joining, will be discounted to take account of the reduction in Premium (i.e. joining in Sept the Clubs Membership Fee will be £28.50).

Mar-Aug 2015 100% of annual fee £43
Sep-Dec 2015 50% of annual fee £21.50
Jan-Feb 2016 25% of annual fee £10.75