Procedure for Entry into Meets

All meet information will be posted on the Noticeboard as soon as Meet information is available. This is also available on The Club provisional Meet Calendar can be view on the Noticeboard and is updated regularly.

If your child is eligible for a Meet, entry eligibility sheets can be viewed at poolside via our Squad Reps as follows, approx 6-8 weeks before Meet (this will depend when Meet information is available from host club).

  • Transition 1: TBC
  • Transition 2: TBC
  • Transition 3: Lee Ann Scotland
  • Transition 4: Samantha Baird
  • Skills 1: Lee Ann Scotalnd
  • Skills 2: Lorna Purcell
  • Skills 3: Morven Wallace
  • Graded & Club Squads: Heather Rogers
  • Comp 1: Ali Edwardson
  • Comp 2: Sharon Reid

Once the meet info is posted on our Noticeboard it is a parent’s (where swimmer under 16) or swimmers responsibility (where 16 and over) to speak to the Squad Rep before WDASC closing date. This is different to Host Club closing date to allow time to complete official entry form and raise cheque required (as noted on Meet info) to sign up and pay for swims to be entered.

Accepted entries will be posted on the Noticeboard with reserve or alternate swims. Please keep checking the Noticeboard, as this will be updated with any changes that may be made by the Host Club.

Scratches will be refunded after the Meet. The club will endeavour to refund all scratched swims 14 days after the meet has been swam or upon receiving refund cheque from host club whichever is earliest. Refunds for reserve or alternate swims will be refunded once refund cheque has been received from host club. Refunds for reserve or alternate swims are only refunded by the Host Club if a swimmer has attended the Meet ready to swim but is not called to that swim.

For early withdrawals:

Please Note: No entries will be accepted after our closing date for a meet and without payment being made.

Comp 3 Meet Entry Process

With effect from Tuesday 3rd May 2016 entry into Meets for all swimmers in Comp 3 is as follows….

  • Eligibility Report will be posted on Meet Calendar when available.
  • Swimmers will enter the Meet online no later than the deadline given.
  • Swimmers will ensure payment for Meet entry is made no later than the deadline given. Payment is by cheque or cash and cheques can be left in the black box at the Vale or given to Claire, Treasurer,  no later than the deadline given. NB Cash must not be posted in black box.
  • It is the swimmers responsibility to sign up to the Club website and mailchimp to ensure they receive the weekly email for alerts re Eligibility Reports. Only where email will not be sent will texts be sent.
  • It is the swimmers responsibility to ensure deadlines are met. No swimmer will be reminded or given additional time to enter a Meet.

Swimmers must be aware that online entry is not enough and payment must be made for entry to be submitted.

In the event of any difficulty with online entry please email or speak to Lovat. Swimmers must not leave contact in event of difficulties to last minute or they run risk issue cannot be resolved before the deadline.