Keyholder Sessions

Taking Care at the Swimming Pool

Good behaviour is necessary at all times at the poolside. However, this rule extends to all areas of the building particularly the changing rooms where the floor is wet and slippery. Swimmers should take care and behave in the changing rooms. If children are in the spectators’ area or in the foyer they must be carefully supervised, a tiled floor can have quite a damaging effect should a youngster trip and fall if running about. Please ensure any children accompanying adults spectating are not permitted to run in the spectator area or any other part of the building.

All swimmers are expected to adhere to Club Rules and these are including leaving the pool area and changing areas as they find them. Many of our sessions take place when we are keyholders and these areas are cleaned by the Trust Staff before they leave, it is expected that all swimmers and spectators put all their rubbish including water bottles and shampoo bottles etc in the bins provided, and that all swimmers ensure they take their swim kit home with them and that they are of good behaviour in all areas of the pool and changing area.

As keyholders of the Vale Pool at the following times:

Thursday after 9pm
Friday after 6pm
Saturday after 4pm
Sunday after 4pm

ALL SWIMMERS AND PARENTS/GUARDIANS MUST be aware that the front door and front fire exit should NOT be used to enter or exit the building at these times, failure to be aware of this compromises not only your swimmers safety but that of other swimmers as well as the coaches. In addition it is contrary to the terms of our use of the building.