Team Manager Policy

Team Managers will travel with the team to and from all out of town meets. The Committee and Head Coach will select team managers for designated out-of-Scotland meets and camps based on the following:

  •  A ratio of one team manager for every 15 swimmers will be used. In some situations more or less team managers will be required.
  • Parents interested in volunteering to become team manager can be indicated to the committee. This responsibility will be rotated throughout the season.
  • Team Managers will be required to pass police background check.
  • Swimmers under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent (or capable designate). Since the care of a young athlete is also a full time commitment, this parent (or designate) shall be excluded from being a team manager.
  • Each team manager must attend a SASA team manager course. Team Managers must perform duties as outlined in the guidelines below.


  • Be aware of any medical conditions or allergies that the swimmer may have. The medical information sheets completed at registration will be kept in the team manager bag.
  • Be aware if a swimmer is required to take medication during the trip, and discuss the instructions with the parents prior to departure.
  • Have ready access to a first aid kit (in team manager bag)
  • Each swimmer must have a form signed by parent if attending a meet.  


  • Be responsible to the head coach on an out of town swim meet.
  • Ensure the safety and well being of the swimmers while travelling to and from a swim meet
  • Be willing and able to drive a vehicle while at a meet.
  • Supervise the swimmers during away events at such times when not in care at their lodgings.
  • Be available to the swimmers and provide guidance when necessary.
  • Know the swimmers names, ages, parents name and number, medical info etc.
  • Maintain a list of lodging names, phone numbers and addresses and provide list to all parents and coaches.
  • Meet all lodging families personally.
  • Remain with swimmers on each day of the meet until all have been taken home by their lodging families.
  • Be polite, courteous, and helpful to the swimmers.
  • Safeguard the swimmers plane tickets, keys, valuables and money.
  • Ensure the swimmers behave and act responsibly and are respectful of others.
  • Ensure that each swimmer has the team manager’s hotel name, phone number and room number.
  • Under no circumstance consume any alcoholic beverage while chaperoning an out of town meet.
  • Do not officiate at a meet, unless there is another parent available to take over the team manager duties temporarily.
  • Responsible for picking up and returning the team manager bag to the pool office. Responsible for recording any equipment needed by the swimmers.


  • Ensure the swimmers are accounted for at all times
  • Keep everyone together in the same facility
  • Arrange to have the group be on time, wherever you go
  • Keep control, maintain order, but not be overbearing
  •  Help children use their best manners and be respectful of others
  • When the bus/van is offloaded, check windows, floors and seats for trash or forgotten items.
  • Remain in the same facility as the team at all times. If shopping (for Team supplies such as food, etc) needs to be done, then the team manager needs to arrange alternate supervision of the Team Manager Policy.