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How to become an STO

Scottish Swimming – West District
The “Easy Steps” to being Certified (as a Swimming Technical Official)
A lot of people wonder how much is involved in training to be a Swimming Technical
Official, well here are the steps, as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.
Training to be a TIMEKEEPER
To become a Timekeeper all that is involved is a 2 hour workshop that will
be arranged at your local pool.
Your club will arrange this.
Training to be a JUDGE 1
To become a Judge 1, all that you need to do is send the Application Form
that is available on the District website, with £8, to the STO Convenor (me)
and I will arrange training.
You do not need to go through your Club to do this, just contact me direct.
You will be required to attend a 2 hour workshop and then be mentored on
poolside by experienced officials.
This is done at Swim Meets you would be attending when your child is
swimming. There is a follow up Workshop a few months down the line.
• Now the “secrets” have been revealed, contact your Club for a Timekeepers
Course or me, direct, for Judge 1 Training.
Jean King
West District STO Convenor

Nifty Fifties Team Meet


This is the first of two Meets in 2017/18 that the Club are entering as a Team Meet.
Swimmers will depart from the Vale Pool at 9AM on Saturday 28th October to arrive in Aberdeen early afternoon.
Swimmers will then train at Aberdeen Sports Village 2-4PM ( so no training Saturday AM)!
The coach will then take swimmers to their accommodation before an evening meal and a relaxing evening with an early bedtime! Swimmers will be accompanied by Team Managers – Scottish Swimming trained- and Brian. A code of conduct will be signed by swimmers prior to travelling.
The coach will then return to the Vale Pool immediately after the afternoon session finishes – anticipated to be 4:50pm – and drop off will be the Vale Pool with a stop at MacDonalds Dundee for tea.

One parent back home will be nominated to contact all others re arrival etc

Accommodation : Youth Hostel, 8, Queens Road, Aberdeen
Swimmers will sleep in double/triple rooms with private bathroom.

Cost: £69
What does this include?…
Transport by Coach to Aberdeen and Return as well as travel to and from Aberdeen Aquatics Centre on Saturday and Sunday, evening meal on Saturday as well as breakfast and a packed lunch on the Sunday.
Swimmers will need a packed lunch for Saturday and money for snacks/water as well as the Sunday evening meal at McDonalds, Dundee.

A deposit of £30 is payable when paying Meet Fees with the balance due no later than 10th October 2017.

We have to confirm the coach asap so are asking swimmers to confirm they are entering Nifty Fifties no later than Thursday 10th August.



Jackie Smith

Equipment Letter Please see updated letter dated 22nd August

WDASC – Equipment Requirement

I am introducing a list of equipment that swimmers will be expected to have at all times at training.

I am aware that our former Head Coach did not utilise much equipment due to how he constructed his skills sets – with the focus on swimming and the swimmers ‘feeling’ the difference in technique alterations themselves in the water. I believe in this idea as well and have used it regularly within my coaching. However, to help accelerate this process and to get swimmers to actively experience different sensations within water – different water pressures, different feelings, different challenges – I like to utilise a variety of equipment. This will help to accelerate their understanding of how to move in water and how to improve their ‘feel’ for the water (their ability to exert a pressure and force on water at the front of the stroke). The equipment below will help with this process and will be used to varying degrees within the training program.

Basic kit list:
• Goggles x2 (1 in use, 1 spare)
Please ensure that the spare pair of goggles is always in your swimming bag
• Swimwear x3 (minimum) [1 in use for training, 1 in use for galas, 1 spare – again in bag]
• Water/juice bottle (minimum of 500ml – longer sessions i.e. 1.5hrs+ should require more)
• Club swimming cap x2 (1 in use, 1 spare) *
• Club t-shirt *
• Fitness mat for poolside land work
• Net bag (to help carry all of the following equipment):
o Kickboard
o Pull buoy
o Flippers (shorter ‘zoomer’ fins are preferable, although a fin with sufficient flexibility is key)

Swimmers in all Squads except Comp 2 & 3 are asked to have net bag equipment and fitness mat by end April.

Additional equipment for Comp 2 & Comp 3:
o Hand paddles
o Snorkels
o Skipping ropes (for land based activities)
o Tennis ball (for land based activities)
o Roller (for land based activities)

Swimmers in Comp 2 & 3 are asked to have the Basic Kit bag equipment, Fitness Mat and Additional equipment by 1st April.

Please note that this will be extended down to Comp 1 after the summer

NOTE: SWIMMERS WILL BE EXPECTED TO HAVE THEIR KIT BAG AND FITNESS MAT AT ALL TIMES WITH THEM POOLSIDE. Where Squad has additional equipment that should also be with the swimmer at all times at training.

ALL equipment can be purchased from any one of the following online stores:

* It is expected that when representing the club at galas that swimmers wear their club t-shirts on poolside and red club cap in the water

Latest News 16th November

Remember to check training changes this weekend! All can be found on our website udner Training Changes!

Club Presentation Disco – 7:30pm till late. Presentations start at 8:15pm. Harp Club Dumbarton

Xmas Hamper Raffle – we are looking to raise funds for planned Long Course training and Masterclasses in early 2017. Each swimmer is asked to support this by selling £5 of Raffle Envelopes. Over the coming week all swimmers will be given 5 envelopes to sell at £1 each and return to Squad Reps no later than Monday 12th December in time for the draw on Friday 16th December at 7pm. Comp 3 are asked to give theirs to Claire or Jackie.
Any donations for the Hamper are welcome – more details posted on Noticeboard.

FIRST Open Meet – Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th January 2017. Eligible Squads :Comp 1,2 & 3.
Deadline for Entry is Thursday 1st December.
Entry for all 3 Squads is online via link on our Meet Calendar.
C1 swimmers are asked to enter online and then pay Entry Fees to Maureen(Squad Rep) no later than the deadline. Do not leave entering until the last Minute in case of any difficulties with your online entry!

Club Meet Calendar – at present Meets for 2017 are only slowly being posted on Swim Scotland and our Meet Calendar for 2017 will be posted nearer the end of this year.

New Squad Reps

Skills 3 Susan Johnston.

Skills 2. Lorna Purcell.

Meet Reports

Aberdeen ASC Nifty Fifties 30-Oct-16 to 28-Aug-16
24 swimmers attended the Aberdeen Aquatics Centre, Aberdeen, setting new PB’s.

Marcus Hills 6^th 15 & Over 50 Fly 6^th Male 15 & Over 50 Free
Michael Irwin 6^th 100 IM, 3^rd 15 & Over 50 Breast
Megan Kerr 4^th 15 & Over 50 Back
Sam Millar 1st 14 & Under 50 Fly
Daniel Murray 5^th 14 & Under 50 Back 3^rd 14 & Under 50 Breast 3^rd 14 & Under 50 Free
Niamh Reid 5^th 14 & Under 50 Breast
Hannah Thomson 2^nd 14 & Under 50 Breast
Abby Tyson 14 & Under 50 Back
Greg Watson 1^st 15 & Over 50 Back 2^nd 15 & Over 50 Breast

Relay Events
4^th Male 200 Medley
Michael Irwin Sam Bisset Sam Millar David McRobert

3^rd Male 200 Free
Marcus Hills Greg Watson Carl Barrett David McRobert

6^th Male 200 Free
Sam Millar Sam Bisset Daniel Murray Michael Irwin

Ren96 5-Nov-16 to 6-Nov-16
36 swimmers attended On-X Linwood Sports Centre, Linwood setting new PB’s.

Chloe Barclay Silver 16 & Over 200 Back Gold 16 & Over 100 Back
Carl Barrett Bronze 14-15 200 (tel:14-15%20200) Back 4^th 14-15 200 (tel:14-15%20200) IM Bronze 14-15 400 (tel:14-15%20400) IM
Silver 14-15 100 (tel:14-15%20100) Back Bronze 14-15 200 (tel:14-15%20200) Fly Gold 14-15 100 (tel:14-15%20100) Fly
Kirsten Barrett 4^th 14-15 200 (tel:14-15%20200) Fly Bronze 14-15 100 (tel:14-15%20100) Back
Sam Bisset Bronze 14-15 100 (tel:14-15%20100) Breast 5^th 14-15 200 (tel:14-15%20200) Breast Gold 14-15 50 Free
Adam Craig 5^th 12-13 50 Free
Carlene Dickson 6^th 16 & Over 100 Breast
Marcus Hills Gold 16 & Over 50 Free 6^th 16 & Over 100 Free
Michael Irwin Silver 16 & Over 100 Back Bronze 16 & Over 100 Breast 4^th 16 & Over 50 Free
Angus Johnstone 10-11 100 (tel:10-11%20100) Fly
Megan Kerr 5^th 16 & Over 100 Back 6^th 16 & Over 100 Free
Kara MacDonald 5^th 14-15 50 Free
Mackenzie Markwick 6^th 10-11 50 Free 5^th 10-11 100 (tel:10-11%20100) Back
Poppy McDonald 5^th 10-11 100 (tel:10-11%20100) Back
Bradley McGurk 5^th 16 & Over 100 Breast
Matthew McNeill 4^th 10-11 100 (tel:10-11%20100) Breast 5^th 10-11 100 (tel:10-11%20100) Fly
David McRobert Bronze 16 & Over 200 Back 5^th 16 & Over 100 Back
6^th 16 & Over 50 Free
Daniel Murray Gold 12-13 100 (tel:12-13%20100) Free Bronze 12-13 200 (tel:12-13%20200) IM Gold 12-13 100 (tel:12-13%20100) Breast
Hannah Thomson 4^th 14-15 100 (tel:14-15%20100) Breast

Short Course Age Group 13-13 Club Record Broken by
Daniel Murray 100 Free 58.53S 👏

Kingston Sprints 6-Nov-16
24 swimmers attended Larkhall Leisure Centre, Larkhall, setting new PB’s.

Sophie Alison Bronze 8 & Under 25 Fly
Rebecca Baird Silver 9-9 25 Back Bronze 9-9 25 Free Bronze 9-9 25 Breast
Ryan Baird Silver 8 & Under 25 Fly
Fraser Banks 6^th 9-9 25 Breast
Freya Beaton 5^th 8 & Under 25 Fly 6^th 8 & Under 25 Breast
Aimeeleigh Connelly 6^th 12-13 50 Back
Joseph Craig 4^th 14-15 50 Back
Charlotte Dougan 5^th 8 & Under 25 Back 5^th 8 & Under 25 Free
Keira Edwardson 5^th 12-13 50 Breast
Reece Ferguson 4^th 10-11 50 Back Silver 10-11 50 Breast
Gracie Goodhall Gold Female 9-9 25 Fly Gold 9-9 25 Back 4^th 9-9 25 Free
Daniel Hendry 4^th 8 & Under 25 Back Gold 8 & Under 25 Free Gold 8 & Under 25 Breast
Lucy McCaughey 5^th 10-11 50 Fly
Joy McDonald Gold 8 & Under 25 Fly
John Millier 6^th 8 & Under 25 Back 5^th 8 & Under 25 Free 4^th 8 & Under 25 Breast
John Reid 4^th 10-11 50 Fly
Orla Reid 4^th 8 & Under 25 Back
Eve Valentine 5^th 12-13 50 Back

Well done everyone!

WDASC Latest News 5th October

Club Championships this weekend! Friday and Saturday will see one of the most exciting events of the Clubs year!

Some points to remember….

1. Warm up is 5pm on Friday and 2pm on Saturday. Swimmers should be poolside ready to swim by then.
2. Swimmers must not use the Dry changing rooms
3. Snacks must not contain Nuts!
4. Due to the set up of the Championships this year Results will not be posted around pool until after all swimmers have swam an Event. This means they will not be posted as regularly as previous years when we posted after age group event finished.

Good Luck to all our Swimmers!

Whats new on the website?

Swimmers going to Aberdeen on Sunday 30th October are asked to check the Relay selection now published on the Meet Calendar.

Downloadable 2016 Meet Calendar

Meet Eligibility

Kingston Sprints – closing date 10th October so if swimmers not yet signed up please see Squad Reps without delay!

Dumfries Advent Meet – Closing date 24th October but if swimmers are away for WD School half term make sure they are signed up now or they will miss out!

Training Changes

Please note the following changes…..

Friday 7th and Saturday 8th October – All training except Friday morning training is cancelled.

Saturday 15th October

Comp 3 AM training 8:15-10:30 is cancelled and training will,be 5:30-7:45AM at the Vale Pool.

Skills 1&2 will train together 3:45-4:45pm.
Transition and Skills 3 will train at usual time.

Sunday 16th October and Monday 17th October

Our Head Coach Jimmy Orr gets married on Sunday 16th October and to allow coaches to attend the wedding and without keyholders available ALL Training is cancelled on Sunday and Monday morning. Monday evening will go ahead as usual.

Saturday 22nd October – as Saturday 15th October.

Sunday 23rd October – PM training will be as follows…
Transition – as usual
Skills 1/2 4-5pm
Skills 3 5-6pm
Comp 2/ Graded training as usual.

Saturday 29th October and Sunday 30th October – due to swimmers attending Aberdeen Nifty Fifties following sesions cancelled…
Saturday C3 PM training. Swimmers not at Meet can swim 5:45-7:30pm.
Sunday Comp 2 Gym and Pool training is cancelled. Swimmers not at the Meet can train 7-9AM(pool) and 5:30-6:30pm (Gym).

To allow locking up of the Pool after squads finish in the pool Graded Gym will start at 5:30pm and finish at 6:30pm.

Winter League -Saturday 1st October

Congratulations to all our swimmers who raced at Winter League in Ayr on Saturday! There were 10 clubs competing and we finished a very respectable 4th behind South Ayrshire, Ren 96 and eventual winners City of Glasgow.

No official times in yet but expect to see plenty of new PB’s set!

A big thank you to coach Jimmy Orr and Team Manager Kathleen Sweeney for their hard work on the day.

Nationals Qualifiers Team Training – Saturday 8th October

Swimmers invited to attend this training – by text – are reminded they are asked to confirm they are attending using the online form. Link to Form on Homepage of website.

Finally congratulations go to Carl Barrat shortlisted for Junior Sports Personality of the Year at West Dunbartonshire Sports Awards.
We wish Chloe and Carl good luck at the forthcoming Awards Night.

WDASC Club Championships

Its that time of year again and we are starting preparations for this years Club Championships.

When: Friday 7th and Saturday 8th October
Where : Vale of Leven Swimming Pool
Start Time:
Friday 7th October – 5pm with last race finished by 9pm
Saturday 8th October – 2pm with last race finished no later than 7:30pm

This year the Committee have decided, after considering concerns raised in the past, to change the format of the Club Championships as follows….

1. The IM event for ALL swimmers will be over 100M.

2. All Swimmers will be seeded. All swimmers will be timed at Timing Nights for each Squad where their times for an event is older than date of 2015 Club Championships or they have no times only. Dates for timing nights will be published shortly.

3. All Heats will be mixed – boys and girls – Places 1-6 will be awarded for each age and gender group.

3. There will be new Club Championships Record recorded for the 100M IM for 11/12yrs, 13/14yrs and 15&above – Boy and Girls.

4. All Heats will be seeded on a swimmers PB.

Other points to note…

Eligibility Reports are now with Squad Reps – Comp 3 are asked to sign up online (available from Monday 4th July).

All swimmers are eligible for ALL events.

All swimmers should note that age for the purpose of these Championships is as at 31st December 2016.

Swimmers are asked to ensure, when signing up, that they are available for the day on which the event entered will be swam.

Deadline for Entry- 5pm Saturday 17th September. This will allow all seeding to be done to allow the Programme to be finalised. Should a late entry be received the Club will do its best to accommodate the entry subject to there being a lane available in the event entered but the swimmer will swim in an available heat and not in accordance with his/her PB. There will be no adjustment of heats where swimmers withdraw after Saturday 25th September and lanes will be empty.
The Meet Information can be found on the Noticeboard and will be posted on our website this weekend. The Programme for the 2 days is contained in this

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Technical Officials Required

The Club relies heavily on a small band of volunteers to be timekeepers, to allow our swimmers to have official times and compete in competitions throughout their swimming careers. This is a vital role for the Club and we really need some new friends to help us achieve this.

We will shortly be running a course for new timekeepers (this only takes a couple of hours one evening) and we would greatly appreciate a few volunteers.

This is really a quite fun way to involve yourself in your child’s Club and is a good way to make friends with other parents in the Club.Please ask any Club Official or Squad Representative about volunteering with your contact details and we will get back to you.

For more information on volunteering as a Technical Official click here. For other Volunteering information click here.

John Smith Technical Official Co-ordinator