Equipment Letter – 22nd August 2017

WDASC – Equipment Requirement Stage 2

Comp 3 and Comp 2 swimmers were all asked in March / April to ensure that they have the required kit with them at training at all times. Please note that new swimmers into Comp 2 this month will now need to ensure that they have the required kit with them as well.

This kit list (see below) is also being extended to the following squads:
– Comp 1
– Club Squad
– Graded 2 & 1
Swimmers are encouraged to purchase the equipment within the next few months where we will start to utilise it within sessions.

All Skills squads are required to have the basic kit list and will be able to progress onto the additional equipment as they progress through the squads within the club.

Transition swimmers are not required to have the basic kit list but should look towards purchasing this when the swimmer has settled into the club environment – we hope that this helps to reduce the initial financial burden on new swimmers to the club. Any equipment for Transition squads can be borrowed during sessions if required.

Basic kit list:
• Goggles x2 (1 in use, 1 spare)
Please ensure that the spare pair of goggles is always in your swimming bag
• Swimwear x3 (minimum) [1 in use for training, 1 in use for meets, 1 spare – again in bag]
• Water/juice bottle (minimum of 500ml – longer sessions i.e. 1.5hrs+ should require more)
• Club swimming cap x2 (1 in use, 1 spare) * / **
• Club t-shirt *
• Net bag (to help carry all of the following equipment):
o Kickboard
o Pull buoy
o Flippers (shorter ‘zoomer’ fins are preferable, with sufficient flexibility)

Additional equipment for all Comp squads, Club Squad and Graded squads:
o Hand paddles
o Snorkels
o Skipping ropes (for land based activities)
o Tennis ball (for land based activities)
o Roller (for land based activities)

ALL equipment can be purchased from any one of the following online stores:

* It is expected that when representing the club at competitions that swimmers wear their club t-shirts on poolside and club cap in the water.

** Non-club caps can be worn in training but not at competitions.

Note: Reasoning behind equipment…
I am aware that our former Head Coach did not utilise much equipment due to how he constructed his skills sets – with the focus on swimming and the swimmers ‘feeling’ the difference in technique alterations themselves in the water. I believe in this idea as well and have used it regularly within my coaching. However, to help accelerate this process and to get swimmers to actively experience different sensations within water – different water pressures, different feelings, different challenges – I like to utilise a variety of equipment. This will help to accelerate their understanding of how to move in water and how to improve their ‘feel’ for the water (their ability to exert a pressure and force on water at the front of the stroke). The equipment below will help with this process and will be used to varying degrees within the training program.

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