How to become an STO

Scottish Swimming – West District
The “Easy Steps” to being Certified (as a Swimming Technical Official)
A lot of people wonder how much is involved in training to be a Swimming Technical
Official, well here are the steps, as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.
Training to be a TIMEKEEPER
To become a Timekeeper all that is involved is a 2 hour workshop that will
be arranged at your local pool.
Your club will arrange this.
Training to be a JUDGE 1
To become a Judge 1, all that you need to do is send the Application Form
that is available on the District website, with £8, to the STO Convenor (me)
and I will arrange training.
You do not need to go through your Club to do this, just contact me direct.
You will be required to attend a 2 hour workshop and then be mentored on
poolside by experienced officials.
This is done at Swim Meets you would be attending when your child is
swimming. There is a follow up Workshop a few months down the line.
• Now the “secrets” have been revealed, contact your Club for a Timekeepers
Course or me, direct, for Judge 1 Training.
Jean King
West District STO Convenor